Feb 19, 2014


First, let me say I am not a big fan of Julep ( I hate the bottles - I never use the polishes I have because of this ) I have tried to cancel my Maven subscription, but I was put on hold and just gave up. I now just opt out every month. (Pathetic, I know)
 I think it was the January box that had the option for the quick dry drops, cuticle oil and cuticle remover that I decided to get because I really wanted to try the quick dry drops.

This little bottle pisses me off!
Turns out I love the cuticle care items I got.... Long story short, I hate this little bottle of doesn't dry sh** drops.  I did read reviews before I ordered this.. maybe I just got a bad bottle? I don't know. I have tried it a dozen times and at first I thought it was the polish I was using, then I thought maybe I wasn't giving it enough time (both before I applied and after) <shrug>
I tried it again last night. I did a jelly sandwich. Waited a couple minutes before I applied the drops, waited over an hour before I went to bed. Woke up this morning with dented, dragged polish. I didn't take pictures before <sorry>  but here is a after shot.

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