Sep 10, 2012

Polish Layers

I am having a hard time with blogger the past couple days - I click on a blog from my reading list and 8 out of 10 times it gives me server not found . So frustrating . I can view other pages so I don't think that it is my internet.
Anyway .... Do you have that beautiful polish that you forget just how much you love it until you put it on again ? Mine is O.P.I Ink ...

I love this purple! I just don't reach for it enough!


Although I adore this color I tend to get bored of my nail colors quick .... So less then 24 hours later I decided I didn't want to take it off but I did need a change so i added a couple more layers on top!

OPI Ink Different Dimension Ectoplasm

I added 1 coat of  Different Dimension Ectoplasm . *Love* the glow in the dark! I then added one coat of Finger Paints Asylum ... Could have used another coat but I do like how this turned out . Much prettier in person- couldn't really capture it on camera.

OPI Ink Different Dimension Ectoplasm Finger Pints Asylum


  1. I love the layers you've done. They look amazing :) Glitter is so painful to remove though haha it just goes everywhere for me!

    1. Thank you! It is a pain to remove! I have these little nail polish remover pads and I press them on each finger and let it sit a few minutes - makes it a lot easier :)

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