Sep 21, 2012

Old Vector Art..

I was going through my external hard drive looking for some photos and I came across these...

Vector art is the first thing that I taught myself when getting into digital art.  Some are "vexels" made in photoshop with the pen tool.. the others are 100% vector made in illustrator.  I have so many more but these are my favorites still.  I haven't made one on these in 5-6 years?? They took me forever and it wasn't fun anymore  ..  I still love the look of vectors.. Might try again sometime..

My daughter Bri - Vexel

Bri - Vector outlines - close-up

Bri - Vector

christina aguilera - Vexel

My niece Jennica - vexel

Stock Reference from DA used - account no longer active. - Vector

Stock Reference from DA used - account no longer active

Kristen Bell / Veronica Mars  - I loved this show - Vector

Kristen Bell / Veronica Mars

I'm off to take a nap! Have a great weekend! :D

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