Sep 5, 2012

Indie Polish Mail!

They are here and so far it's love .  First is Rainbow Polish! I ordered Cupcakes , Taffy and Monarch.

Rainbow Polish Cupcakes Taffy Monarch

They are all so pretty . I was going to swatch all 3 but I forgot what a pain in the ... *ehem*.... glitters are to remove so I only used one from each seller for now.

Rainbow Polish Cupcakes Taffy Monarch

From Rainbow Polish I picked Taffy to try first .

Rainbow Polish Taffy

Rainbow Polish Taffy

For the base I used Maybelline Goody Plum Drop .

Rainbow Polish Taffy Goody Plum Drop

The next order I placed wasn't planned at first .   I was painting my daughters nails Orly Melt Your Popsicle. The convo went something like this :

Me - Wow this is bright! It is so bright it could be glow in the dark!
Her - *Eyes get wide and a huge smile * It glows in the dark?!?!?!
Me - No .. I am sorry I was saying how bright it is ..... * feeels bad*
Her - *Smile gone - annoyed look * Oh ..... Ok. 

After I was done with her nails and feeling guilty I got online and was reading blogs . One blog ( I can't remember who it was now! - Sorry ) Had swatches from Different Dimension with a coupon code for 20% off . I figured that I would take a look - I would NOT buy anything until I made a credit card payment . What is the first thing I see? A set of 3 polishes that GLOW IN THE DARK! So I broke my no more polishes until CC payment and ordered them.  They are Candied Corn , Ectoplasm and Smashing Pumpkins .

Different Dimension Candied Corn Ectoplasm Smashing Pumpkins

I decided to try Candied Corn first . I wish I would have tried Ectoplasm because I think it would have looked better with the "underwear" I picked.

Different Dimension Candied Corn Ectoplasm Smashing Pumpkins

I picked Wet n Wild Glowstick .

Different Dimension Candied Corn

This one glows bright! I think it may be the brightest of the three judging from the bottles. This glows more on my fingers then it does in the bottle.  I tried to take a photo of it glowing but my iPad camera wouldn't play along and my other camera isn't charged * sigh* . Next time...

Different Dimension Candied Corn Glowstick

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