Aug 22, 2012

This was going to be a....

Nail post ... I was so proud - Looking at my nails I did something other than layer polishes or switch colors on different fingers . Took photos of the polishes I used and all I needed to do was take a picture of my hands to show off the coolest nails I have ever done  . I realized something as I was trying to do this - well 2 things.
1- I have a better camera then I thought  . Macro is a really cool and with this mani a very scary thing.  :S
2- My nails were not as cool up close as they were far.
So.. no nail photos this time. *sigh*

Other things I did this past week. All taken with iPad camera . No macro for me yet!
Made marshmallow fondant for sugar cookies I am going to make for my daughters lunches - If I don't roll it up in a giant tie-dye ball and call it lunch first!

My grandma wanted me to make cake balls for when she has company this week.  67 Red Velvet and 78 Lemon Cake balls made.

Click to see more cake balls :)
These are the only two pictures I took of the red velvet . Made little paper wrappers for all of them.


More Lemon :)

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