Aug 31, 2012

My First Gradient! Kinda -

Hello! This week I decided to go though my collection and organize it a bit better by brand/colors . When I was going though them all I noticed just how many of my polishes I haven't even wore yet! I tend to go for the same colors all the time.  I decided to wear a couple I have been ignoring since I got them .

KleanColor Neon Purple , ULTA Coral Reef
I can't even remember when I got Coral Reef but it is so pretty . The shimmer makes this I think.
Tried to get a good photo of just how pretty this polish is . Tried lol.
Ok on to the gradient ! This was my first try and I actually like how it looks . Might even keep this on a couple days!

w/ Flash
Hope you have a great weekend! We will be thrifting tomorrow *yay*!

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