Aug 31, 2012

My First Gradient! Kinda -

Hello! This week I decided to go though my collection and organize it a bit better by brand/colors . When I was going though them all I noticed just how many of my polishes I haven't even wore yet! I tend to go for the same colors all the time.  I decided to wear a couple I have been ignoring since I got them .

KleanColor Neon Purple , ULTA Coral Reef
I can't even remember when I got Coral Reef but it is so pretty . The shimmer makes this I think.
Tried to get a good photo of just how pretty this polish is . Tried lol.
Ok on to the gradient ! This was my first try and I actually like how it looks . Might even keep this on a couple days!

w/ Flash
Hope you have a great weekend! We will be thrifting tomorrow *yay*!

Aug 26, 2012

Sally's Haul

Yesterday I was reading Polish Insomniac's blog and she had posted about %50 off reduced items at Sally Beauty ... soooo this afternoon we went!

Melt Your Popsicle $1.35 , Mermaid Tale $3.00 , Buried Alive $2.00 , Asylum $1.65
Cuticare Pair $2.00
These were $3.85 each
Top2bottom , Shine , Witch's Blue , Tip Guides
Top2Bottom , White Tips , Oh Cabana Boy , Tip Guides
Top2Bottom , Liquid Vinyl , Space Cadet , Tip Guides

Aug 25, 2012

Nails / WIP

This started out to be a Hello Kitty nail until I got so frustrated I took it off and made polka dots instead :)

What I used ^^ ( picture of nails will be behind the jump - yes that bad lol )

And a couple WIP screenshots . Haven't done much with it this week.  Hopefully I have more time to relax and work on it next week.

Aug 22, 2012

This was going to be a....

Nail post ... I was so proud - Looking at my nails I did something other than layer polishes or switch colors on different fingers . Took photos of the polishes I used and all I needed to do was take a picture of my hands to show off the coolest nails I have ever done  . I realized something as I was trying to do this - well 2 things.
1- I have a better camera then I thought  . Macro is a really cool and with this mani a very scary thing.  :S
2- My nails were not as cool up close as they were far.
So.. no nail photos this time. *sigh*

Other things I did this past week. All taken with iPad camera . No macro for me yet!
Made marshmallow fondant for sugar cookies I am going to make for my daughters lunches - If I don't roll it up in a giant tie-dye ball and call it lunch first!

My grandma wanted me to make cake balls for when she has company this week.  67 Red Velvet and 78 Lemon Cake balls made.

Click to see more cake balls :)

Aug 18, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday

Just about every Saturday we take my grandma to garage sales and or thrifting . I did ok on the garage sale today - I got a bunch of kitchen items I have been wanting . A flour sifter , some nice stainless mixing bowls ect ... and I got a Belle brownie maker and a nice craft box to store all of my polymer clay and tools!
Then we went to a thrift store none of us had been to before and I am so so so excited! I found 2 OPI polishes !  An Affair In Red and Changing Of The Garnet ..... $1.50 each!! Maybe used 1-2 times - they both look full.
When we got home I checked the mail and I got my OPI Fly polish , M.A.S.H nail brush set and some makeup sponges-  I have been wanting to try out a gradient mani :)

Aug 17, 2012

Nail Polish Collection/Storage!

Warning - Lots of pictures .

This is where I store all my polish and things. $5 garage sale piece!

All of the drawers out. Each one holds 10-12 polishes depending on bottle.

Hello -

First post! - Again ;)

My name is Stephanie and I am a 30 something with way to many hobbies .  I am a mother to a 12 yr old going on 20 . I have 3 cats and two dogs - I will post pictures soon! I have been very happily UN-married for the past 15 years to my best friend.  I currently have around 200+ nail polishes and wanting more. Bath and body products are also one of my weaknesses *almost as bad as my nail polish* !
I love to bake goodies but I hate to cook. I also love to make little polymer clay miniature food. Did I mention SIMS 3  - Yes I love to play SIMS as well.  The one thing I have done most of my life and continue to go back to is drawing / painting . Currently I do digital paintings . I plan for this blog to be a little of everything  ^^^^  above . 

What I am working on at the moment. :)